A translation agency is a service dedicated to the translation of texts in one or more languages, according to what is requested by clients who need to turn to these agencies looking for a high quality and reliable service. This type of companies are obliged to offer their services carrying out a process involving a large number of professionals who can provide the user with the confidence that is needed for it to re-apply for its services, since it is the guarantee of a good translation that recruits the largest number of clients.

For translation agencies to work in a comprehensive manner, it is necessary that their platform is designed to offer their translation services in several languages, which will allow the user to select the language they need according to their requirements. In addition to the translation of texts into other languages, these companies should not be limited to translation, the ideal is to offer other services, such as: interpretation of texts, subtitling and transcription of texts, in order to cover all the requirements arising from part of the users and be able to expand the client portfolio that the agency needs to locate itself reliably among the companies that provide these services and go climbing a position within this area that will allow it to compete to be the best based on the good work that makes.

However, in the market there are translation agencies that only offer their work in only one language (usually the English language), which is also valid, as long as their work is duly guaranteed. Likewise, there are translation agencies that offer their translation services in one or two languages. Some translation agencies or translation companies, work through a web page, where you can request their services via online, email and by different social networks.

Also some of these companies have their establishments or offices, duly registered and whose operation is adapted to the requirements of the laws of the country where it works and where the client can resort to requesting their services in a specific way, according to their need, because the company has a portfolio of different services in this area, led by professional advisors who provide greater confidence when choosing a translation agency.

Why we choose a Translation agency and how to choose it.

It is certain that all have ever had the need to translate content, either personally or for a company, and in some cases in the wrong way, we use low quality online translators whose results leave much to be desired because these translations do not they correspond to what is required by the client, who through ignorance is harmed to the point of spoiling the objective he was looking for if he obtained a good translation or failing to damage the good image of a company that relies on the work it receives from these agencies of poor quality that cannot even be reported.

Therefore, whenever you need to translate a text into another language to adapt it to market demands, it is recommended to work with professional translators and with experience in the subject and in the case of companies to hire the service of the best translation companies in order to raise its image to the highest level in the international market and thus increase its productivity.

Procedures that must be followed for the operation or a Translation agency and other services.

In this matter, so that it does not fall into the clutches of translation agencies of low category or pirates, it is explained below in a generic way, what should be the form that a serious translation company must operate, so that the service provided is of optimum quality. It’s worth noting that each agency has its own procedure which depends on whether it is a company that operates online or a company to which the customer personally attends to request their services.

  • The client or user makes the request, whether it is translation, advice, interpretation or transcription of a text or other service that the agency offers. The client's project is received and registered in an ordering tool, in which the client will select the service he needs, in which a delivery deadline in which the service must be completed will be agreed.

  • Project management: Once the order is received, it is passed to project management, which is the procedure carried out by a person who will be responsible for distributing the received orders to the professionals chosen within the agency to carry out the project in function of the needs of the client for which it must have a wide range of services that are suitable.

  • Discussion of the project. As requested by the client, the project goes through a direct discussion phase with the client to provide due advice from the agency in the different services it offers, in addition to the translation, in order to specify the steps to be taken in the project and ensure that the responsibility that is being delivered is carried out with the greatest possible efficiency, with the purpose that the client receives a job guaranteed by the translation agency.


  • Translation: In the case of translation of texts, the project is assigned, depending on the volume of the work, to one or several native translators with capacity to handle more than 50 languages, who will carry out the translation that will adapt to the original text and language of origin, in order to make the translation revalue the content of the text so that the applicant company increases its productivity and can use the text as it wants.


  • Review or proofreading: It consists in the revision of the contents looking for a second opinion or point of view to make the corrections that may take place in the project, with the aim of doing the best possible work, which is recommended, beyond the great capacity of the translator.

  • Customer delivery: The project is sent to the client, in order to meet the deadline established for delivery. In the case of agencies operating in establishments, where the service is personalized, the client is called to notify him that his project is ready for delivery, in which case it will be agreed to send the project or the client will be summoned to review it beforehand to make formal delivery.

 It can be concluded that a translation agency offers us a wide range of specialties and linguistic combinations, where the client will be able to contract any type of translation task, whether sworn translation, technical translation, dissemination... from Spanish to English, French, Chinese or Swedish, as every Translation Agency must have a large staff of translators. In the economic area of a company, the need to be able to entrust the translation of an income statement and other financial figures may be presented.

 In addition, these agencies must have translators familiarized with the necessary legal procedures to carry out any procedure, such as homologation of professional titles to work abroad and other aspects of a legal nature. Within the staff of a translation agency, in addition to the translators, they should also always have reviewers to work side by side with each other, as the reviewers are in charge of finally visualizing the translation, in order to guarantee the work that the agency offers its clients that should always be of the highest quality. For this, there must be qualified workers' templates that adapt to any circumstance. There are many advantages to contract translation services with a specialized translation agency,


The translation agencies should always be ready to meet the delivery deadlines agreed with the client who made the order and if it is possible to improve the response to make it faster adapting it to the case and to the urgency that arises.

 The decision "Translation agency VS. Freelance translator" is important for any company that is looking for translation services, but when the cost is a limiting factor, some companies automatically choose a freelance translator, thinking that it may be cheaper. Although it seems that hiring a translation agency is more expensive, in the long run, many companies find that it is much more effective in terms of costs and time to hire a translation agency than a freelance translator, freelance translators, usually only manage one or two areas of specialization, while the translation agencies have several teams of translators led by a project manager, which means that the correct translator will be chosen for their area of ​​expertise, guaranteeing a high quality of translation.

In addition, translation agencies have enough staff that can cover the work of another in case of illness or permission of the person in charge of carrying the project initially. On the other hand, when a freelance translator is chosen, there is a risk of delay in the delivery of the project, in the event of an unforeseen event.

Last but not least, another advantage of hiring a translation agency is the payment options, for example: the agency is able to accept credit cards and agree other forms of payment for the service.

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